Webinars for Event Professionals

Evenium presents hot industry topics, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends.

Evenium Webinars, the perfect way to learn on a busy schedule.


Busy-bee format

Your time is precious so we do not want to use it all up. Evenium provides you with practical turnkey solutions in approximately 30 mins. tackling various EventProf pain points.


Flexible dates

Interested in in new learning opportunities, but not always available? No worries, we have different dates and times to suit your schedule.


Live Webinars

You don't like to attend pre-recorded webinars? We definitely agree, that's why all of our webinars are live where real questions are answered in real time.

Practical Take Aways

As Event Management professionals, we are constantly keeping up with industry news and changes. Our goal is to keep EventProfs informed with the latest innovations and practical tips they can apply to their events.


Meeting Design: Trends, Technology and Tactics to Plan More Effective Events